Government Transparency
State Government Committee
Voting and Elections

I believe that the public should be given a fair and equal opportunity to use their right to vote in elections and be actively involved in determining the districts of their representatives.  All branches and offices of government must be transparent and open to the public.

I recently introduced H.B. 134 which would require openness and fairness in the redistricting process.  To me it is imperative that Pennsylvania’s legislative districts should be drawn in an open and nonpartisan process.  This would include permitting any Pennsylvania resident to submit reapportionment plans for legislative districts, which the commission would be required to consider. The commission would make software and demographic data available for use in developing such plans.

H.B. 134 would also require the commission to hold public hearings to solicit public testimony from as many Commonwealth residents as possible. Five hearings would be held in different geographic regions of the state before the preliminary plan is developed and again before the final plan is voted on.  Additionally it would require the commission to set up a website for the data, the actual maps, hearing and meeting notices and transcripts and other communications and require the commission to comply with the Sunshine Act and the Right-to-Know Law.