Promoting Arts & Culture

Arts and Culture

Arts and culture not only make our lives worth living but also contribute importantly to economic development – business, job development, the downtown food scene, and the Arts are inextricably linked.  I am a strong advocate for more resources to arts and culture – I have brought thousands of dollars to the district for small and large arts, culture, performance, educational, and entertainment institutions and organizations throughout the district, and I will continue to do so.

I have been a constant and strong supporter of transforming the old Boyd Theater on west Chestnut Street to a multipurpose entertainment and hospitality facility.  Close-by residents and old time movie theater buffs are in total support of this urban renewal project.  I have been working with citizens and Friends of the Boyd to realize our dream.

I support legislation that would set up special taxing districts to provide tax exemptions to businesses and residents that locate in those areas. The tax exemptions would last for five years, followed by a gradual return to normal tax levels over the next four years.