New Payment Technology

Transit / Transportation

As the only elected official in Harrisburg who does not drive a car, I am pleased that SEPTA is moving forward with updating our current payment technology to make riding the system easier and more efficient.  I have been working closely with SEPTA, DVARP, DVRPC, other transit related agencies and the unions across the city to gain a better understanding of how the new payment technology (NPT) system will work. 

I support SEPTA’s efforts in implementing their NPT system but want to make sure that they take a holistic approach, focused on improving workforce, educational neighborhood and tourist accessibility rather than focusing purely on making money. 

The new system should truly be fair to all riders and not penalize any one group of people.  I believe that more than one language should be included within the SEPTA system to accommodate Philadelphia’s emergent international population and its growing attraction to tourists.  The removal of male/female stickers from all SEPTA passes is also essential to creating a fair and nondiscriminatory system for the city’s residents.

I am committed to making sure the most up to date technology is being used by SEPTA to promote a greater convenience to riders.  This includes making better apps for mobile devices that allow riders to access route schedules, arrival/departure times, fare information, trip planners, and other transit related information.

For more information on SEPTA’s NPT systems follow these links:


Fare Policy Advisory Group