Public Health

Thousands of Pennsylvania working families have fallen into poverty and been forced to access benefit programs because they can't afford health care. This has increased the burden on state and local governments, and on taxpayers.  In addition, in 2011 the Corbett Administration allowed adultBasic to run out of money.  That means that 42,000 working Pennsylvanians lost their health insurance, had to wait until they were really sick, and ended up in very expensive emergency room care.

I support the federal health reform law, in which any Pennsylvanian will be able to purchase health coverage from any private insurance company or the insurance exchange being set up for residents and small businesses.  Harrisburg Republicans, like their friends in Washington, want to see this great step forward fail.  They want to deny Pennsylvania residents the patient protections that health care reform offers by refusing to allow Pennsylvania's officials to comply with the federal health care law.

I am working to ensure that the patient protections that health care reform offers are available to all Pennsylvania’s residents.  These protections include allowing young adults to stay on a parent's insurance until age 26 if they can't afford their own, prohibiting insurance companies from denying coverage to children and adults because of a pre-existing condition, prohibiting insurance companies from suddenly dropping patients after they have paid premiums for years, prohibiting insurance companies from putting annual or lifetime dollar limits on anyone’s benefits, and force them to consider birth control and abortion as integral part of routine gynecological care for all women and teens.

Updates and Initiatives