Campaign Finance

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Voting and Elections

Overhauling the state‚Äôs campaign finance laws is one of my top legislative priorities.  Pennsylvania is one of only five states that have no contribution limits; voting is at an all-time low, I believe in part, because many citizens believe their vote cannot compete with the enormous sums of money that candidates collect from deep pockets.  Restoring public confidence in government is a tall task, but I believe that passing meaningful campaign finance legislation is a step in the right direction.

I have authored legislation that would require all candidates and political committees to electronically file quarterly expense reports with the state in non-election years, and require General Assembly candidates to file an extra report six weeks before an election. All reports would be available online to the public.

In addition, I have introduced bills that would impose contribution limits for individuals, political party committees and political action committees, define expenditure as a payment only for legitimate and verifiable campaign expenses, increase the report late filing fee from $10 to $20 for the first 10 days and an additional $50 fee for each day thereafter, with the maximum fee for a single report set at $1,000, and require the secretary of the Commonwealth to develop a computer database and electronic reporting system for campaign contributions and expenditures, which would be available to the public, and establish a training program for the system.