Information on Voting

Am I eligible to vote?

You are eligible to vote if you are a U.S. citizen, AND you will be 18 years of age by Election Day (you do not have to be 18 when you register), AND you are a resident of Pennsylvania.
How do I register to vote?

Fill out a voter registration form and mail it in to your County Elections Office no less than 30 days before the next election. You will receive a voter registration card in the mail when you are officially registered.

How to obtain a voter registration form:

  •     Download a voter registration form and mail it in.
  •     Call our office at 215.893.1515 and we will mail you a voter registration form today!
  •     Email a request for a voter registration form to the PA Department of State. Be sure to include
        your full name, mailing address and the number of forms you need.
  •     Visit your County Elections Office, neighborhood post office, library, state liquor store, or
        almost any elected official's office.

If you are unsure if you are registered to vote, call your County Elections office to find out. Philadelphia Election Commissioner's office: 215.686.3460.

First-time voters

All voters who appear at a polling place for the first time must show proof of identification. Click here to learn more about acceptable forms of identification.

Where do I vote?

Click here to find your Polling Place or call your county elections office. Philadelphia Election Commissioner's office: 215.686.3460

How do I obtain an Absentee Ballot?

Click here for information about voting absentee.

What if I need assistance in the voting booth?

Voters who are disabled, have physical limitations or have limited English proficiency, can ask for assistance at the polling place. Voters may also contact their county voter registration office before election day to ask for assistance.
More Information on Voter Assistance

What are Provisional Ballots?

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