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City Government


     Michael Nutter (D)

City Council President

    Darrell Clarke

District Council Members

    District 1 - Councilman Mark Squilla
    District 2 - Councilman Kenyatta Johnson
    District 5 - Council President Darrell Clarke


    Councilman W. Wilson Goode, Jr.
    Councilman William K. Greenlee
    Councilman Bill Green
    Councilman Dennis O'Brien
    Councilman James Kenney
    Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown
    Councilman David Oh

Chief Clerk

    Michael Decker

City Commissioner's Office  

     Stephanie Singer (D) (Chair)
     Anthony Clark (D)
     Al Schmidt (R)

Register of Wills

    Ronald R. Donatucci

District Attorney

    Seth Williams


    Jewell Williams

City Controller

    Alan Butkovitz

State Government


    Tom Corbett

Lieutenant Governor

     Jim Crawley

State Senators

    Larry Farnese

    Anthony Williams

Attorney General

    Linda Kelly

State Treasurer

     Rob McCord



Federal Government


    Barack H. Obama (D)


    Robert P Casey (D)

    Pat Toomey (R)


    Robert A. Brady (D) - 1st District

    Chaka Fattah (D) - 2nd District